Health has the very important value for each of us. With our products marketed in Slovakia we would like to improve the lives of people, who need it.


Benela company was established in 2003 in Slovakia as privately owned independent subject. In that very year the company started to represent Austrian company Montavit.

Our values

Health is the value which is highly appreciated by each of us. We would like to support our patients, our customers and us when protecting it. We make the medicines available to those who are in need of them...

Our partners

OM Pharma logo
OM Pharma

OM Pharma is worldwide active pharmaceutical company which manufactures predominantly the medicines used in immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases. Of the OM Pharma product portfolio, we market the products Broncho-Vaxom, Uro-Vaxom and Dicynone.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare logo
Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is Indian pharmaceutical company, which transforms 5000 years old healing method Ayurveda into the development of innovative natural products which, with their efficacy and safety, help the people to live healthier and ample life.