Therapeutic areas

Immunomodulation therapy

Prevention of recurrent infections of respiratory and urinary tract using the immunomodulation.

Supporting/boosting the body´s own defence mechanism by/with bacterial lysates leads to reduced number, length and severity of infections, with only minimum adverse effects. Thus the risk of serious adverse effects of repeated administration of antibiotics and the risk of antibiotic resistance is reduced. Thanks to the mode of action of bacterial lysates, body defence against bacteria and viruses improves in natural and long – lasting way.


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Prevention and treatment of haemorrhagic disorders of various etiology

Bleeding may stand for serious medical problem which requires therapeutic intervention. In surgery this means, for example prevention and treatment of preoperative, perioperative and postoperative capillary bleeding, in internal medicine and gynaecology this may be capillary bleeding of various etiology.


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Over the counter products

Products of Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Indian pharmaceutical company Himalaya Herbal Healthcare was established in 1930 by Mr M. Manali who had his vision to deliver to people methodology of manufacturing new medications and therapeutic approaches using the 5000 years old Ayurveda medicine. Since its establishment, the company has focused on development of safe, natural and innovative products which could help the people to live healthier and ample life. Nowadays, its products are supported by more than 200.000 physicians worldwide and they help the consumers of more than 100 countries to improve their health and personal care.

The trade name Himalaya is inspired by the Himalaya mountains, which stands for symbol of purity and noble deeds. Territory of the Himalayas is source of many plants used in products of Himalaya.

Herbs which are used in manufacturing process of Himalaya products are grown by the manufacturer in clean and ecological soil. Added substances are grown using the renewable sources free from any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Selected plants are then independently tested pursuant to WHO criteria.

Each Himalaya product is marketed first after performing careful research and clinical trials. The company is of the opinion that no money is too much with regards to the development of scientifically safe medicines and treatment approaches. The company believes that perfect healthcare system is made of synergy between Ayurveda and modern science.

Ayurveda is medical system acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO). Originally it was used in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The word “Ayurveda” is made of “ayur”, which means “life” or “longevity” and the word “veda”, which means “science”. It is considered as the oldest medicine system in the world and the mother of all medicines, as it is the foundation of Chinese medicine, e.g. It deals predominantly with prevention of diseases, not only the treatment. It treats the cause of the disease, not its symptoms. It tries to create the harmony between the man and nature.

Himalaya selects non cultivated plants of Ayurveda traditional documents.

Thanks to these special methods Himalaya manufactures natural, effective and safe products without any side effects.

Nutritional supplements

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